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Dr. Theresa's gift is to inspire you to realize who you are and help you recognize the power that you have to create a life of health and wellness, abundance, and expression of potential. She utilizes many healing modalities to guide you in finding what is needed to make the changes that will bring about positive results.

She begin her health and wellness journey by exploring great health pioneers which includes the work of Dr. Ann Wigmore, Bernard Jenson, Herbert M, Shelton and many others.  All of them led her to come to the conclusion that health is a part of lifestyle and that many of the health problems that you encounter can be brought into balance with the right kinds of food, fresh air, water, proper sleep, exercise, a spiritual practice, and a focus on self care.  All of the above mentioned areas are interrelated and support each other when practiced  daily.

Experience and Qualifications

Dr. Theresa is a certified Health and Wellness Consultant, Neurolinguistics Practitioner, Spiritual Response Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Metaphysical Practitioner, Holistic Life Coach and Ordained Minister.  All of her skills, training, experience and knowledge is used to assist you with holistic guidance.  She  attends health workshops, holistic conferences, and continues to take classes that focus on health and wellness.

Interest & Studies

There are many interest that captures Dr. Theresa's attention.  These include health and wellness, natural hygiene, energy/spiritual healing, Seth Materials ( Jane Roberts)  Joseph Materials (Michael G. Reccia) , power of the subconscious mind, and applied metaphysics, Biogeometry and sound healing.  She is the author of "Eleven Creative Ways to Relieve Stress"  and is an advocate for development of human potential.


American Holistic Health Association

National Association of Holistic Wellness

International Reiki Association

Foundation for Mind-Being Research


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