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Healthy Thoughts for the New Year

As you start the New Year and make resolutions or set goals,  you might consider giving attention to your self-care.  Self-care that includes loving 

When you love yourself you are less lackly to depend on other people for your self worth.  This helps you set boundaries or end unhealthy

relationships.  Self-love allows you to have a better understanding of yourself and the type of relationships you desire.  Self-love involves taking 

care of your own needs and staying in touch with your emotions.  As well as being nonjudgemental about your weaknesses and failures.

Loving yourself helps you counter negative, critical self-talk and helps to put things into perpective.

Sleep - When you include sleep in your self-care routine you might find yourself having better concentration and being more productive.  Sleep is 

Food -  Having a healthy diet can be of great benefit.  It improves gut health, memory, and helps with mood.  It also affects the teeth and bones 


Exercise -  Exercise or movement is very beneficial for the body.  It helps control your weight, improves mood and reduce feelings of depression 

Positive Relations -  Mental health and well-being comes from having a network of social support.  Your network should include different types 

All of the above lifestyle activities are interrelated and will increase your happiness because you will have a higher satisfaction with your life.

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