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 "Your health is what you make it.  Everything you do and think either adds to your health

or takes away from your health."

Ann Wigmore

ACTIVE HEALTHY WAYS  has multiple modalities to help participants regain health and balanced well-being.  The services provided include health and wellness consultations, distance reiki, holistic life coaching, spiritual counseling, and  spiritual response therapy.  Services are indidualized for each person after an in-depth intake process and support is given to help with follow through on recommendations.

Participants will gain a new perspective on what it means to  have a healthy lifestyle. It is never too

late to develop a new and fresh approach to health and wellness.

With a variety of services to choose from there will be one that is a perfect match for your health and 

wellness concerns.


Make a decision to choose Active Healthy Ways if you want to use alternative methods of solving health issue (s).  Select one or more of the affordable services to assist you with your health and wellness lifestyle.   Every health participant is given personalized attention and support.  Make an appointment to get started on your health and wellness journey. 

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